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We design and print all kinds of labels for hams and cold meat. With materials (PP and PE) and inks suitable for food use. They can be collar or pendants and can be delivered to the customer open or closed with tape or by heat sealing. As great NOVELTY we also make metallic labels.

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We make cases for sliced ​​products of any format and/or design, always adapting to the needs of our client. We have a wide range of models and finishes (laminated, varnished, stamping, relief...).

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We make boxes for all kinds of products. We analyze the client's needs using various printing supports and finishes.

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Labels are subject to specific regulations to provide adequate information to consumers. In Imprenet We apply it with the greatest rigor. The labeling of the ham establishes the obligation to indicate the percentage of Iberian breed (when dealing with 100% Iberian animals).

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Imprenet it has the most technologically advanced infrastructure.

Our creative department, made up of designers with extensive professional experience, has, among others: computers in Mac/Pc format, printers for color proofs, plotter for proofs, etc.


Imprenet it has all the infrastructures and commercial network necessary to carry out your project, offering you a comprehensive service in the printing of labels for ham, cases for sliced ​​products, boxes of all kinds, labels on a coil, catalogues, brochures, calendars, etc...

In accordance with our philosophy of comprehensive service and competitiveness, we have recently incorporated digital printing technology, an option that economically benefits those customers who, for one reason or another, should be inclined to carry out reduced print runs.


We have a finishing departmentwith machinery for gluing, folding, etc.

This allows us to execute your project without incident and ensure the result from start to finish.